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Re: C Programming

From: "Trevor McNamara" <tjmc bigpond net au>

I am unsure if this is the correct post for this sort of question. If
not can someone please direct me in the right direction?

Do you google? www.google.com

I was wondering if anyone would know anywhere that I can download a
guide for an INTRO to C programming, As I would like to know C, then I
can understand some of the source code for UNX/LINUX?

Search the web for "C" or "C programming" or "ANSI C" or "C reference" or "C tutorial"

While there are plenty of half-baked C tutorials on the web, here's my advice: buy a book on ANSI C. They are all good. You can surely get a used book for cheap (Half Price Books). Every "C" book I've ever seen is about the same. It is well worth the $10.

You may also want to consider C++. Not all C++ books are the same. An excellent (although dated) intro to C++ is "The Waite Group's C++ Programming" by John Thomas Berry (Sams Publishing). However, I don't know how much the kernal guys are doing in C++... warrants investigation.


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