Thoughts on undeleting ext3 files

Jamie Cadorette apt81 at
Sat May 8 14:16:12 UTC 2004

> And, yes it is a learning experience.  I did the 'rm
> -rf / ' trick once 
> several years ago.  Never again. ;-)

Just yesterday I took out our hosting server with a
simple typo. I wiped out our entire vhosts directory,
taking all web spaces for every client in seconds!
Accidents can happen. Only use root when you
absolutely must.

- Jamie

P.S. Frequent and thorough backups are also a must,
even on home systems. Thanks to the daily backup
scripts I was running, I only had to grab a tarball
and unpack it to bring everything back to the way it
was at 12:30 am that day.

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