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Re: C Programming

On Saturday 08 May 2004 10:26, Timothy J. Miller wrote:
>On Sat, 8 May 2004, Craig Thomas wrote:
>> Seems like I could print.  I downloaded the zip, extracted the
>> html files and printed from the browser, IIRC.
>My bad. At one time the books were in pdf and the print feature was
>disabled.  Bruce stated the reason was that it would cost more in
> paper and toner to print then to just purchase the book.
>Print away. :)
Its almost wash.  The plrm was 408 pages the last time I printed it, 
duplex, and probably wasted 100 pages on printer miss-fires, so I was 
out most of a ream of 24 lb super-white inkjet paper for a tenner, 
and probably 25=30 dollars in ink supplies for a Epson C82.  And 3.95 
or so for a 3 ring binder.  My time, even though I'm retired, still 
ought to be worth $10 an hour too, and that was a day and a half of 
paying attention to the job at the printer resolution I ran it at.  I 
don't know if I would have saved anything but a little shelf space if 
I'd have bought it from adobe.  So I've kinda set myself a 
breakprice, if its less than 60 bucks now, I'll go buy it.  YMMV of 

I used to be able to do this a lot better on my amiga, as I'd written 
an arexx script to do the duplex printing once the book was rendered 
to individual page numbered files on the hard drive.  But I don't 
know how to break into the present cups pathways to insert such a 
handy utility here on linux, its too darned hard to get a printer to 
work, and once its working I hate to putz with it and probably break 
it.  I haven't even found where I'd modify the command line being fed 
to gs to enable the page numbered but seperate files, and where to 
put them.  Someone with a clue should clue me in. :-)  Using cups and 

>> > Check it out:
>> >    http://mindview.net/Books/DownloadSites.
>> I'd second this one.
>> > - Tim Miller
>> -Craig
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Cheers, Gene
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