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Re: sendmail

if you want, you can retrieve mail from your work server to
[root barracuda root] useradd nina
[root barracuda root] passwd nina
asks for password twice, and says all authentication tokens updated
[root barracuda root] su nina
[root barracuda root] fetchmail -d 600 -p pop3 machinename.gibbons.com

it will ask for password

read your mail !!!

cool huh??

On Fri, 7 May 2004, Nina Pham wrote:

> Ron Goulard wrote:
> >On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 18:44, Nina Pham wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hi I setup the email server on my FC1 system. I have problem sending and
> >>receiving mail. Please bare with me, I need to explain the problem. I
> >>have one email server from my work with is working fine( gibbons.com).
> >>And I try setup the new email server which I name it
> >>barracuda.gibbons.com. I also name it as a alias gibbonsmail.com. The
> >>alias gibbonsmail.com never works. I did 3 things here.
> >>    1. I email from my new server(barracuda.gibbons.com) to my yahoo
> >>account, my gibbons.com(the working server), it gets through. The
> >>receivers receive the email. I send to my hotmail account, don't know
> >>what happen there, my hotmail account never receives the email, and
> >>there's no Mail Delivery Subsystem send back to the sender. I send tomy
> >>sbcglobal.net account, it fails, the Mail Deliver Subsystem got back.
> >>    2. I email from my working server. It successfully sent to
> >>nina barracua gibbons com, but fail on nina barracuda gibbonsmail com,
> >>and nina gibbonsmail com (Delivery subsystem got back)
> >>    3. I email from my yahoo account  it failed all( the Deliver
> >>Subsystem got back). The receivers are nina.barracuda.gibbonsmail.com,
> >>nina gibbonsmail com, nina barracuda gibbons com  Even though yahoo
> >>account can receive the mail from nina barracuda gibbons com 
> >>Any idea?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Nina, I don't see an MX entry for gibbonsmail.com.
> >
> >(ie. doing 'dig mx gibbonsmail.com  +short' returns nothing)
> >
> >
> >You will need one in DNS (and register that domain name, it returns 'no
> >match').  If you've entered one, it may not have propagated yet.  This
> >would explain why it can't deliver the mail to those addresses.
> >
> >Ron
> >
> >
> Thanks you guys.  So I will need to register my domain to be able to
> email to the world, but I can exchange mail to my first email server
> without register the domain. Maybe that means locally.
> Nina
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