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Call for Yum Frontend

Yum is such a great package management program (very well designed except maybe for having to get all the headers) and stable, yet for some reason we expect the average home user to bust out his/her x-term and learn the in's and out's of yum CLI usage? (not to mention config file management ). Sure you might say, there is apt and synaptic, a wonderfully userfriendly combination but again: these would require the usage of yum and text line repo management to install on any stock fedora system.

I think it is seriously time to consider someone writing a yum frontend that could be included with the standard fedora desktop. With all of the gtk library resources available for python (what yum uses) I don't see it being more than a 'scratching an itch' project. Perhaps we could even get it out in time for FC3?

Up2date could be used as a framework for which to build the GUI frontend around and synaptic code could also be used if needed.

I think that this is something that needs to be seriously considered by developers and red hat people alike. For the betterment of the Fedora experience.

Jason Knight
Fedora Core 2 Test 3 *x86_64*

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