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boot messages overwritten by run level 3 login

Hi I've just had to relocate my FC1 to a different partition. I used
tar...  Then I edited the new fedora's /etc/fstab & /etc/lilo.conf & a
few scripts. 

FC1 booted successfully in it's new home. Everything seams to be working
correctly (so far).

But just before the runlevel 3 boot prompt there are a few warning
messages I don't get time to read before the boot prompt steps on them. 
No problem I thinks. <shift>+<page up> But while most of the boot screen
messages are there, the error messages I'm looking for which were near
the bottom are not there. 

I searched the archive for boot + log. But all it told me about was the
dmesg command and of course var/log/* But nothing in var/log (including
dmesg seems to have the same exact text as was printed to the console.
I'm sure that the data in the logs is probably considered more
significant. But I sometimes see errors there that do NOT appear in the
/var/log logs. I'm thinking that this output is not saved to a log by

I'd like to know if there is something I can do to cause this exact text
to actually be logged someplace???  or if there is a way to stop the login
prompt from clearing the last screenful of the boot screen messages???

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