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Re: boot messages overwritten by run level 3 login

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:

> Hi I've just had to relocate my FC1 to a different partition. I used
> tar...  Then I edited the new fedora's /etc/fstab & /etc/lilo.conf & a
> few scripts.
> FC1 booted successfully in it's new home. Everything seams to be working
> correctly (so far).
> But just before the runlevel 3 boot prompt there are a few warning
> messages I don't get time to read before the boot prompt steps on them.
> No problem I thinks. <shift>+<page up> But while most of the boot screen
> messages are there, the error messages I'm looking for which were near
> the bottom are not there.
> I searched the archive for boot + log. But all it told me about was the
> dmesg command and of course var/log/* But nothing in var/log (including
> dmesg seems to have the same exact text as was printed to the console.
> I'm sure that the data in the logs is probably considered more
> significant. But I sometimes see errors there that do NOT appear in the
> /var/log logs. I'm thinking that this output is not saved to a log by
> default.
> I'd like to know if there is something I can do to cause this exact text
> to actually be logged someplace???  or if there is a way to stop the login
> prompt from clearing the last screenful of the boot screen messages???

In /etc/inittab, scan down to the section about gettys.  Add the option
'--noclear' to the end of the first mingetty command.  That will prevent
the screen clear when the login prompt is issued so you can

		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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