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Re: CD-ROM not playing music

Jamie Cadorette wrote:


I am still relativley new to using Linux in
workstation mode. I just set up my old computer with
Fedora and everything went well. I used the drvblock
disk to find the drivers for my SCSI adapter. My
CD-ROM is an old Sony CDU-76S SCSI 4X.

Now that everything is installed, the CD drive can
read the disc fine. CD Player can see the disc and
tell me what is on the disc, but when I click play, it
does nothing. I also noticed that even though it
detected my sound card and lists it in the Hardware
Manager, it does not work.
If the sound card does not work, how can you expect sound from the CD????

Fix that first, and for us to help we would need to know the type of sound card, what related modules are loaded, and if you have used aumix or equivalent to turn up the volume (it often defaults to minimum volume).

In fact that is my first suggestion...... check the mixer to make sure the volume is not turned completely down.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I suspect
it's because it is an old Windows machine with PCI
hardware, some of which may not be Linux-friendly.

- Jamie

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