undo rm deleteing /etc very urgent

issa rabba' irabba at p-ol.com
Sun May 9 09:48:08 UTC 2004

Thanks all for helping me, finally I successed to backup my system and
applications, I got the HD and connect it as slave HD and mount it then I
got all what I need, really thanks for the help.


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To prevent overwriting those "free" sectors where /etc
used to be, quickly dismount the parition containing /etc.
Shutdown the machine if dismount is not possible.

You can now either use dd to save the partition image for
further investigation/data recovery. Or you can just plug
that HDD to another machine, mount it as readonly and
recover data there.

--- Jeremy Brown <jeremy at cadre5.com> からのメッセージ:
> issa rabba' wrote:
> >Dear all:
> >
> >Please I need help, by mistake I delete /etc
> directory and I don't how can I
> >undo deleting /etc, I still has connection to the
> server, please if any one
> >can help me....
> >
> >Note: I don't have backup 4 /etc direcoty
> >  
> >
> I'll go ahead and respond to your post with my very
> generic and 
> unhelpful response, since you're probably on a time
> constraint and no 
> one else seems to be answering (probably most are
> asleep).
> My understanding is that when you delete files on
> most Linux 
> filesystems, they aren't actually deleted, just
> unlinked.  It's possible 
> to restore some or all of these files by restoring
> only the links (a 
> semi-trivial process, maybe).  But once you start
> writing data back to 
> the drive, there's probably little or no guarantee
> that you won't 
> overwrite some or all of the space that /etc
> occupied.  So my first 
> suggestion would be to try to find an undelete
> utility for whatever 
> filesystem /etc was stored on.  After a quick google
> I found this one 
> for ext2:
> http://twerner.debian.net/
> I make no claims as to whether or not this utility
> will work.  I've 
> never used it before.
> If you use reiserfs or some other filesystem, you'd
> need to google and 
> find a different utility (assuming one exists for
> your FS of choice).
> My other suggestion is to do what I did in the sole
> situation where I 
> clobbered the /etc directory of a major production
> machine (by 
> accidentally running "etc-update" on a Gentoo box I
> was supposed to help 
> administer).  And that is to grab the FC install
> CDs, and install and 
> configure as quickly as possible as you can on an
> alternative machine.  
> Most processes only read configuration files in /etc
> on startup, so your 
> machine with trashed /etc might even be able to stay
> alive while you get 
> another one together.  It's not a pretty solution,
> but it'll hopefully 
> minimize the damage done.
> Hope this helps.
> Jeremy
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