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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

Robert Marcano wrote:

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 22:24, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

On May 8, 2004, Jason Knight <tuxpenguin austin rr com> wrot

I think it is seriously time to consider someone writing a yum
frontend that could be included with the standard fedora desktop.

Err... In what sense is up2date not that?

It would be nice to add up2date (gui version) the options to add, edit and remove repositories, and to use the native yum.conf file

Actually, I think that the Redhat Package Management tool that comes with Fedora should be modified to work with yum and additional repositories. You should be able to switch to a more detailed view of packages if you want and track all packages on the system. In other words a TRUE package management tool.

I think this discussion should be on fedora-desktop-list.

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