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Re: up2date troubles

Am So, den 09.05.2004 schrieb Jamie Cadorette um 16:17:

> Has anyone else had problems updating with up2date?
> Last night I saw that I had 141 updates waiting, so I
> started up2date on the task. I got to unpacking the
> RPMs when it croaked on OpenOffice. I tried logging
> out and logging back in only to find that Xfree86
> would not restart. I am currently reinstalling. I know
> this computer is having issues (needs a new hard drive
> real soon), but I figured I'd check to see if anyone
> else had similar trouble.
>  - Jamie

You did search this list's archive?

You offer too less information to say something specific. Was that a
fresh FC1 installation with no updates installed so far? You did use
which mirror server? Do not update all packages in one step but only a
fair couple at once. Update XFree86 better in non X mode, running in
runlevel 3 ("init 3") and using "up2date-nox -u XFree86".


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