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Re: CD-ROM not playing music

Jamie Cadorette wrote:
If the sound card does not work, how can you expect
sound from the CD????

The sound card does work, I've determined. The problem
is in CD Player or any other app, I press play and
nothing happens. Yet the apps can tell me how many
songs are on the CD, durations, etc.

The mixer is fine. I can play sound off the Internet
and system sounds without trouble. Clicking play in CD
Player gets nothing. The player doesn't advance
through the track, the CD-ROM doesn't start reading
the disc. Nothing. It doesn't seem as though the sound
configuration is the issue, but rather something with
the CD-ROM, whether it's driver related or hardware. I
wouldn't doubt the latter, since it's an old Sony SCSI
4X. I know it worked fine when I ran FreeBSD a few
years ago on the same machine.

My install is fresh with no modifications yet. I am
using the AIC7XXX SCSI HBA Driver (Rev 6.2.36) that
came on the drvblock disk image. The driver is
detecting both my CD-ROM and SCSI Zip drive just fine.

Please excuse my lack of experience with this. My
scope is limited to interactive sessions working
remotely on servers at college and at my job. I
briefly ran FreeBSD at home, but couldn't continue to
use it because I had limited resources and needed them
for more essential tasks.

I may have missed some of this thread -- I apologize in advance if that is the case -- but have you tried an alternate CD player? Try logging into KDE and see if the CD player that comes with KDE will play it for you.


Clint Harshaw  <clint penguinsolutions org>

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