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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

Willem-Jan van Dinter wrote:

Instead of a straightforward 'Graphical User Interface' I would be more
pleased with a 'Guiding User Interface', with the possibility the view
the actions and instructions that the program handles.
E.g. not just some processbar, but a display to view the details (like
the startup-details from fedora itself).

That way it could be something educational, so it's better for us users
to learn and understand the rpm database structures and yum processes
and all their benefits.

My opinion on the subject......designing an instructing or teaching type interface as a substitute for a gui because it is thought people or users should learn more is presumptious at least; most people prefer to decide on their own what they need to learn or not, if there is a choice. GUI's are intended to make various processes user friendly and that is good because there are a lot of newbies and non techno-nerds out there that will appreciate the efforts. For those that want to delve deeper, command line interface is just a click away.

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