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Re: [OT] The right list. (Was: need help putting Alsa on FC2T2)

Doug Robson wrote:

Well, I TRIED subscribing to fedora-test-list three
times with no success !!!
That is why I resorted to using this list, which I was
already subscribed to, having started out with FC1.
Subscribing to both lists is a formidable undertaking
when you consider combing through all the traffic that
occurs on even one of these lists, let alone 2 !!!!!!
I opened another e-mail account specifically for the
purpose of subscribing to fedora-test-list to keep the
two apart.  Only I never received a confirmation to
my subscribe request and could therefore not utilize
the "correct" list.
I was not trying to abuse the intended purpose of this
being a stable release topic list.
Pardon me all to pieces.  Just trying to get some


Calm down Doug. I have to agree with the others though - you say how hard it would be to manage two lists with volume....look at it from our side of that argument. This list gets a ridiculous amount of volume as is, and now you want us to answer questions which by definition of this list do not belong here on top of that?

How right does that sound to you?

If you want stable - install FC1 and use this list.
You want to play tester - install FC2Tx and use the test list.
You want to do both - fine use both lists, but do not cross post.

Seriously - this list is big enough as is without other lists posting in here as well.

I'm not flaming you - honestly I understand your point of view, but please drop the 'poor me' attitude, I've seen it all before, it gets no sympathy from the seasoned posters, and there is no reason for it if anyone just sticks to the rules that are in place.

Again, honestly not a personal attack - just fact. The question you had regarding Alsa on FC2T2 may in fact be a bug in FC2T2 or an incompatibility between the two. FC2T2 is BETA or TEST software for a reason - not everything is going to work. People download it to TEST it, then give their feedback to the fedora developers.


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