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Installing FC1 to SATA HDD and VIA VT8237


I have problem to install Fedora Core 1 to a SATA hard disk connected to the
VIA VT8237 SATA controller on the ASUS A7V600 motherboard (VIA KT600
chipset). The Fedora installer cannot see the SATA disk. I searched this
mailing list and found a link to Mike Insch's mini-HOWTO
http://fedoranews.org/contributors/mike_insch/sata/. I created the driver
diskette as described in the howto (the only difference was that I used the
same PC with FC1 installation on a temporary connected ATA IDE disk). When
I attempt to install Fedora onto a SATA only system and use the driver
diskette I am not able to succesfully load the driver. Switching to the VC3
terminal (CTRL+ALT+F3) I can see the messages about unresolved symbols:

*module viamraid found on driver disk 1
*loaded viamraid from /tmp/ramfs/DD-0/modules.cgz
/tmp/viamraid.o: unresolved symbol scsi_unregister_Rd039d977
/tmp/viamraid.o: unresolved symbol scsi_register_Rc1833384
Hint: You are trying to load module without a GPL compatible license
      and it has unresolved symbols. Contact the module supplier for
      assistence, only they can help you.
*failed to insert /tmp/viamraid.o

I continued to work around this problem as described in Section 6 of Mike's
HOWTO and I wanted to correct the hex digits after scsi_registerR and
scsi_unregister_R strings in viamraid.o-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl. But unlike Mike
I have nothing to correct, the hex digits are same as those I could see in
the VC3 terminal. I think that it is because I created the driver on the
same PC as the PC I am installing to. Mike used different donor PC.

Does anybody know how to succesfully load the viamraid driver?
Does anybody have a working viamraid driver diskette for FC1?

Thanks for any advice

Radek Zavicak

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