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Re: Backup soution to another server

> Hi,
>> > I'm looking for an Opensource solution which can
>> allow
>> > me to backup various servers I have to another
>> server
>> > Thanks.
>> >
>> > Michael.
>> >
>> http://www.bacula.org/
> Thanks for this, I'm surprised this product is so
> powerful. But reading the web pages and features
> document, I couldn't ascertain whether it does backups
> to the servers actual disks, it makes plenty of
> references to Tape drives and Tape loaders (which I
> don't want) but nothing to clearly say "bacula will
> backup data *to* a servers disks".
> Can you please confirm it dos do this.
> Thankyou.
> Michael.


In the online manual: http://www.bacula.org/html-manual/running.html
it's default behaviour is to backup to disk volume's (just big files on a
filesystem). You have to do some extra config to backup to tape (as I

This chapter in the bacula manual is to get you familiar with bacula
(naming, config etc) and do a basic backup and restore. Just give it try.
It pretty striaght forward to get it running from the rpm's or source


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