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Re: Upgrade from RH9 to Fedora

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 11:05, Dana Persells wrote:
> I have looked over the fedora site and could find no
> references. I would like to move to fedora but have
> lots of data on the single hard drive and have placed
> a bunch of icons on the desktop (using gnome).
> I am a newbie on Linux and (1) am unsure about whether
> there is an upgrade path, (2) in an upgrade, would my
> data be at risk and (3) would I have to start over on
> my desktop and users?
> I know it seems basic to you more knowledgable users
> but they're pretty serious to me.

Upgrade from RH9 to FC1 should not be a problem - have done it
successfully on several systems.  Your data is ALWAYS at some risk with
an upgrade, but it should be minimal if done carefully.  Backing up user
files first is strongly advised.  Your desktop and user info should
survive the upgrade, but some components may operate differently, as
could be expected with any major version upgrade.

Upgrade be done with anaconda installer from CD-ROM or network, or by
point apt or yum sources at FC1 mirrors and doing "apt-get update ;
apt-get dist-upgrade" or "yum upgrade".  For a newbie CD-ROM is probably
the best bet.

Good luck,

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