How stable is fedora?

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Mon May 10 18:37:44 UTC 2004

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Tobias Weisserth wrote:

| The answer depends. The trouble with Fedora are the short release
| cycles. There is a legacy project but no experience exists with
| that. You can't implement a mission critical environment without
| prior knowledge how long this platform will be supported.
This is exactly the problem with fc1 in a production enviroment.  The
fact that it becomes unsupported so fast, as far as patches are
concerned.  Aside from this, it's perfectly stable and secure from
what I've seen.  Things get a little wonky when you try playing with
3d cards, ati most notably, but that's not a concern you'd have
working with a server anyway.

Right now, I would recommend against fc1 for servers, due simply to
it's release cycle.  Granted, it may be quite easy to yum upgrade to
fc2, or there may develop a large enough community to keep updating
the rpms, but as of now, that all seems vaporous, and definitely not
something to base a server off of.  The enterprise version of redhat
is a good idea in this case.

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