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Auto-recompile kernel modules on new kernel install

Has there been any thought to providing some mechanism within the kernel RPMs to execute a user-defined set of commands as part of the post-kernel install to re-compile any "non-standard" kernel modules?

The current kernel spec files execute various scripts/programs to edit grub.conf, etc, and prepare the system for using the new kernel. However, these scripts do not compile "after-market" modules, to include video, vpn, or modems.

I'm thinking of something like adding something similar to the following in the %post section:
if [ -x /usr/sbin/new-kernel-pkg ] ; then
/usr/sbin/new-kernel-pkg %{KVERREL}

Note, this would be different from the /sbin/new-kernel-pkg.
Alternatively, /sbin/new-kernel-pkg could invoke a user defined script, eg, /sbin/new-kernel-pkg.local

For myself, every time a new kernel is installed, I have to recompile/install the Cisco VPN Client kernel modules. While new kernels don't come out often, it certainly would be nice if custom setup scripts could be created/executed rather than having to remember to re-setup each of these every time a new kernel comes out.

If there are other ideas on how to make this wok [without changing the kernel RPM spec file], I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I'll post a bugzilla feature request.


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