Multiple network cards

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Mon May 10 22:04:57 UTC 2004

Mike Harris wrote:
> I have two network cards, on built-in to my motherboard, and a PCI one. For 
> each I've compiled the drivers as modules. (e100 for the builin, and 8139too 
> for the PCI). One is my internal network, and the other connects to the 
> internet.
> They both work, but the problem is I can't specify which one is eth0 and eth1, 
> and occasionally they'll switch. In /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modprobe.conf 
> (I'm not sure of the difference of these files) I have the lines:
> alias eth0 e100
> alias eth1 8139too
> This is what I'd like them set up to be. 
> Any ideas why it's not listening to me?

Rather depends on which card is available when.  You could try to
add an "HWADDR=" line to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX
to try to force it.
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