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Re: Getting rid of M$

From: "Chee Kiong Ong" <fru5tr4t10n mail com>

> thks alot Duncan...=) 

mickey, an interesting site for some reviews of different distributions
is http://www.distrowatch.com/. The more popular distributions today
include this one, Fedora, and the SUSE, Mandrake, Debian, RHEL, and
perhaps Slackware. My impression of Debian and Slackware from listening
to people comment is that they are not for novices no how no way.

That leaves Fedora, RHEL, Mandrake, and SUSE. I do not know how the
support lists for the other distributions goes; but, this one is quite
active. It seems people who ask here get help relatively promptly given
list latencies and all that. None of the four, however, would be a
particularly bad first shot at something different.

Be aware that super duper absilute latest state of the art whizbang
gamer machines don't do as well on Linux as machines about 6 months
to a year behind the power curve. It takes awhile for the open source
drivers to be developed. So as a result Linux is a few percent less
gewgaw filled than Windows. And further some Windows features, which
are major security holes, are simply not implemented. A subset of
them probably never should be implemented.

In return for an OS that is a little less feature rich than Windows XP
you get greater stability and an OS that very seldom requires you to
reboot for any reason. You can update everything other than the kernel
itself without a reboot. (Given the way I operate this is my greatest
frustration with making my income via programming broadcast video
firmware that runs on Windows systems.)


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