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Re: Getting rid of M$

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 04:43, Chee Kiong Ong wrote:
> Thanks alot David =) i juz didn't want to offend anyone here, coz i'm really new to tis and
> hmm... guess i'll start with Fedora, which seems to b a very popular choice.
Welcome to our world, I believe that that we are all here for two
1) To Learn and grow wise.
2) To teach others so that we can further our own skills.

If you are ever in doubt just remember there is always some one behind
his or her PC who will see your mail.
This list is so active that I have close to 300 mails a day and the
truth is I don't have to post as many questions, because alot of
questions are already answered. Check the archives first.

I just think you should wait about 6 days before downloading the FC disk
images as FC2 will be released then, well we hope so anyway.

Have a great day and good luck

Chadley - Linux Rocks
Welcome to my world.
This mail is free for distribution. You are free to - delete it - resend
it - use it in anyway that makes you happy. I am not responsible for it
or its content due to ignorance.
Enjoy the adventures of Linux 

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