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Root access removed

Hey there friends,

I have been working on a desktop solution for home users, 
I have discovered from client feed back and support that 90% of all
calls logged are as a result of simple apps requiring root access.

So I removed the need to put in passwds on some of the user PCs and they
are happy. I know what you are going to say to that but hear me out
End-users who are new to Linux easy irritated by passwd prompts,
My one customer made a (I think valid ) comment: He said and I quote 
"I should be given the option to choose whether or not I want a passwd
protected system. Why do other people tell me what I need."
OK now in fairness to his situation I can see how this is. He is a stand
alone box with no access to the internet from home.
His box drives a Lexmark printer and Primax Scanner. He uses a USB
memory stick as removable storage and a cdwriter for backup.

So I did the same on my PC and guess what, there is a huge difference in
Why would that be? 
Chadley - Linux Rocks
Welcome to my world.
This mail is free for distribution. You are free to - delete it - resend
it - use it in anyway that makes you happy. I am not responsible for it
or its content due to ignorance.
Enjoy the adventures of Linux 

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