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Re: Getting rid of M$

Callan K L Tham wrote:

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 11:14, Chee Kiong Ong wrote:

hee... thks Edward ;)
like i said, i'm new to tis... so do pardon me for my ignorance...

By the way i'm using the Alcatel speedtouch USB ADSL modem, does Fedora Core 2 supports tis
without the need for any manual configuring?

Coz if it does, i tot i might be worth waiting for tt release.



Hi Mickey,

The Alcatel you're using is supported in the kernel now, however, it
would take some configuration which you might not want to delve into
when you're starting out. That was when I first got my modem more than 2
years ago, so things might have improved since then.

Mandrake does support that modem out of the box though, but you still
need certain details like VCI/VPI pairs to make it work.

I would recommend that you get an Ethernet modem/router instead.
Something from Linksys/Netgear is affordable and most configuration is
really simple, plus you can then use any distro you like without much of
a headache...

Have fun!


I'm using the Alcatel Speedtouch 510 ethernet router/modem. Just treat it as though it were another computer connected via ethernet. The router/modem does all the xDSL stuff for you.


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