leam leam at reuel.net
Tue May 11 09:59:46 UTC 2004

Christopher Chan wrote:
>> I have both Solaris and RHCE certs. I like them because I'm self 
>> taught. The certs let me know I've gotten a fairly well rounded 
>> education along the way. The RHCE challenges me each time I see 
>> something I think I should know better and keeps me driven to maintain 
>> my skills.
> Are you saying that you go for a new RHCE every time it is updated for 
> the latest RH offering?

Sorry for the confusion, no. I'm well aware of my limitations and the 
broad skills required of the RHCE are not in my day-to-day work. So I 
need to continually practice and grow in areas that don't happen to be 
the current focus. I also have a poor memory so if I don't do something 
for a few months I completly forget how.

In my work, as far as I know, I'm the only RHCE. This gives me an edge, 
but it also lets me "set the standard". And I like high standards so I 
can promote linux.  :)

>> Also looks nice on the business card when you go job-searching.  :)
> That depends. My boss held my RHCE as of no account. So it really 
> depends on how clued your potential employer is.

Yeah, it still stinks that many employer's aren't as smart as we are.  :)

However, it is a good selling point when you do happen along a clueful 
employer; especially one who needs to build linux skills in-house. 
Certification is not a single reference, but mixed with a good attitude 
and some experience it will, I think, get you more offers than others.

At least it might help your resume get past the first cut; these days 
one job announcement might get a couple hundred resumes. Bosses need 
whatever tools they can to sort through them. Those four letters might 
make the differece in getting you at least in the door.



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