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OT: Licenses on Sparc servers (wuz: Fedora on SUN Ultra sparc10)

T. Ribbrock wrote:

Also, the CPU limit is now <2 CPUs. It used to be more (there *was* a time
when the licence for Solaris 8 *was* free of cost for home users <= 2
CPUs, but that's at least 2 years ago - and is the reason why I do have
one U10 with Solaris), but these days, you even have to buy a license
for a SparcStation 10, theoretically...



Darn good reason to go to NetBSD! If you take Dan Greer's (sp?) suggestions about mixing up your environment you can get a great network services platform on some low-cost but good servers level boxes and then use Linux for desktop/major applications.

My favorite part is that on the many Sun boxes you can boot from either disk, letting you have a hot backup of the server *in the server*. Makes patching and upgrades less worrysome. :)



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