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Re: Subject: follow up: no smb network access

Thanks, iptables disabled now, but how do i install smbmnt suid root to mount as a user?

Florian Idelberger wrote:

Is there a standard firewall in fedora? If yes, how to turn it off?
I don't need because I'm behind a big proxy with a firewall.

Charles Tharp wrote:

this is what i found works for me

static Ip
"Yes I Can  Ping"

with firwall on  I get no samba
I let my dsl router do the firwalling
with firwall off  samba works

I do what I want to do and somtimes turn the linux firwall back on. I dont think Its really needed since I have the router but not really sure.

on the windows machines I run norton internet security Is there anything I shoud worry about on the linux side "Virus like"

all I will suggest is turn the firewall off till you get it working.
Then you work on the firwall ports problem .


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