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Re: Getting rid of M$

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 01:51, Chadley Wilson wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 04:43, Chee Kiong Ong wrote:
> > Thanks alot David =) i juz didn't want to offend anyone here, coz i'm really new to tis and
> > hmm... guess i'll start with Fedora, which seems to b a very popular choice.
> Welcome to our world, I believe that that we are all here for two
> reasons. 
> 1) To Learn and grow wise.
> 2) To teach others so that we can further our own skills.
> If you are ever in doubt just remember there is always some one behind
> his or her PC who will see your mail.
> This list is so active that I have close to 300 mails a day and the
> truth is I don't have to post as many questions, because alot of
> questions are already answered. Check the archives first.


> I just think you should wait about 6 days before downloading the FC disk
> images as FC2 will be released then, well we hope so anyway.

As a FC2 tester, I'd still have a hard time recommending FC2 for a
newbie - still too many rough edges.  Check out FC1, some of the distros
jdow recommends, and consider looking at some of the RHEL rebuilds if
cost is a significant concern.


> Have a great day and good luck

Yes, and welcome to the wonderful world of open source.


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