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Re: Antivirus ?

Am Di, den 11.05.2004 schrieb Tonamiben um 16:04:

> Hi everybody,
> I installed FC1 recently and in the softwares, I don't find any anti-virus software.
> Is Linux need such software ? What should I do to protect my PC ?
> Thank you very much !
> Tonamiben
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Please search this list's archive. The topic was discussed before.
You'll find some recommends for anti-virus products on Linux in the
postings (like ClamAV) for different tasks. Actually due to it's
architecture there is no virus or worm danger for Linux operating.

To protect your Linux PC best, start reading basic instructions /
documentation about permissions and user and group roles, which services
you run and how to keep them secure. Of course always keep your system
up to date with bug fixing packages.


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