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Re: Auto shutdown

Adriano Holanda wrote:
I want to auto shutdown the computer after
a period with keyboard or mouse inactivity, i.e.,
if the user doesn't use the computer in 1 hour,
for example, a shutdown command is sent to the system.

I need something like apmsleep, but instead suspend or
standby the system, shutdown is executed.



Rick Chen wrote:

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 22:50, Adriano Holanda wrote:

Hello all;

I'd like to auto shutdown computers with fedore core 1
after a period without interrupt in the Real-time-clock(RTC).

What about this as root

/sbin/shutdown -h 30
/sbin/shutdown -h 14:30

1) this will shutdown the system in 30 minutes
2) shutdown at 2:30pm

I think you can uses at command to powerdown!!

As Linux is designed for continous useage, why do you want to shut it down? Is it just for power saving?

Just curious.

I cannot remember the last time I shut my home computer off as it runs SETI Home as does my work computer (with company permission). In fact to turn my computer on is a real nightmare as I had to protect the power button from my 2 year old. :)

-- Robin Laing

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