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USB keyboard/mouse on FC2 R3

I have a Belkin USB KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch to connect a
Dell USB keyboard and an IntelliMouse USB to a Windows laptop and a
Fedora FC2R3 Dell GX110 Optiplex. 

I had no problem with this configuration running FC1. Now when I am
booting the Linux box it and I get the GRUB boot screen, the keyboard
does not respond. I can live with that, if I need to boot to a different
kernel I just attach a PS2 keyboard. Once the system boots I can use the
USB devices with no problem (at first).

My problem occurs sporadically when I switch between the laptop and the
Linux system. The mouse works fine but the keyboard is no longer
recognized. I try toggling back and forth from the other system but that
does not help. The Belkin switch delivers a single USB connection to the
host with both keyboard and mouse.

I can clear the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting the single USB
cable from the Linux box. I did not have this problem before. Does
anyone have a trick to force the Linux box to reset its connection to
the USB port. This is more of a petty annoyance than a problem but I
don't like my peers at work seeing me have to mess with the cables to
make my system respond. I don't like my dirty laundry out there for
others to see! Any suggestions appreciated, even that's life, deal with


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