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Re: OT: Licenses on Sparc servers (wuz: Fedora on SUN Ultra sparc10)

NetBSD and OpenBSD are not as mature on the UltraSPARCs as Aurora
Linux is.   In particular, the last I looked at OpenBSD for sun4u SMP
was not supported.   Linux on sun4u supports excellent SMP.  Many

That's true, but not the whole truth. OpenBSD has no SMP support at all, regardless of hardware architecture. That said, it runs great on Sparc and Sparc64.

other things make Aurora Linux  an excellent choice, and one that
will at some point be a Fedora-based one.   And this IS Fedora-list,
right?  There are other SPARC Linux dists, like  Debian and Gentoo,
but this being Fedora-List we'll restrict ourselves to  Aurora, since
it is closest to the current Fedora of the bunch.

Why not take this discussion to an Aurora list? Fedora doesn't run on Sparc64.

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