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Re: VS-FTPD Configuration Issue

mlists tdbnetworks org wrote:

I'm currently in the process of setting up a ftp server using vs-ftpd
unfortunately I'm having a bit of a problem in that I need to pass urls to
various files to customers through a html page.

The files in question will all be under the same directory structure for
each customer however each customer will have there own account with private
and general file storage areas.

The problem is as followes if I tell a customer to access the url
ftp://ftp.bobsfilestore.com then IE attempts to connect to that host,
prompts for login details and then displays there personal file area,

This gets them to their home areas.

however if they try and access ftp://ftp.bobsfilestore.com/file1.zip then IE
just responds with a "The page cannot be displayed" message.

This seems related to the anonymous ftp config.

If anyone is able to help me I would be most greatfull.



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