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Re: Fedora Core 2 on schedule?

Luc Bouchard wrote:

Elliot Lee said:

Thanks Tom - agreed 100%. Things are on schedule up to this point, but
people do need to be aware that final availability will now be on the 18th
rather than the 17th. Making this change will allow serving many more
downloaders and getting better press. Both of those sound like good
reasons to me!

-- Elliot
I keep committing atrocities in an attempt to learn from my mistakes.

Would this not be something that SHOULD be posted on the website as soon as possible. A

It really should, but as long as the delay is not anticipated to be major and the release will be announced, why worry.?

lot of people, including myself, use that schedule to plan out migrations. There more
current info available to us the better.

And if you are planning a migration for the *exact day* it is released, Good luck!! ;-)
I always plan for some delay beyond scheduled release dates just for this possibility.

In my experience the servers are swamped for the first few days, so I usually wait for a while to do the download, and then use a mirror. Even if it is available on the 17th you likely would not have it downloaded for 1-2 days so a 1 day delay is nothing.

Just my $0.02
Luc Bouchard

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