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Re: Nothing but problems upgrading to Fedora Core

On Tue, 11 May 2004 19:06:16 -0400
John Nelson <developer computation com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have had nothing but problems installing Fedora Core, and the issues
> seem to center around grub installing on top of an existing Lilo 
> installation. On one system there were grub files missing from 
> /boot/grub. On another system I got "try passing init= to the kernel".
> On another system the grub.conf file refuses to boot up Windows XP on
> a second disk. On yet another machine I'm getting compression errors
> while booting the kernel. If I leave Lilo intact on my laptop, the
> screen turns psychodelic when Lilo comes up.
> Grub has never worked for me, even when I can get it patched up to
> work properly. Is there a trick to installing over FC1 or RH systems?
> This is REALLY frustrating!

Sorry to hear you have been having that many problems, John. All I can
say is that GRUB also let me down a few days ago (read 'GRUB Blues'
thread posted recently). In my case, I believe it might be BIOS fault,
but I could workaround it anyway (by manually configuring GRUB at every
boot... =/ ).

Hope GRUB installation (and GRUB itself) improves on FC2.



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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