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Re: Getting rid of M$

It would appear that on May 10, Chee Kiong Ong did say:

> Thanks alot David =) i juz didn't want to offend anyone here, coz i'm
> really new to tis and hmm... guess i'll start with Fedora, which seems to
> b a very popular choice.

Well Chee, I'd like to add my 2 cents worth about why I think your
making the right choice. And how it relates to your original

Fedora Core is an excellent choice. Be aware that anyone from a windows
only background will need to learn a LOT to adapt to any linux. But you
have already found what makes Fedora a good choice. The people on this

If you put any effort into the learning process, I'm confident that you
will get LOTS of GOOD help here! And that is why I think that Fedora is
the best linux... It's the people that make it that way.

Speaking of help, I strongly recommend that you make one of the first
things you do after installing Fedora is find out how to configure and
use a package update manager. Fedora comes with yum, which is a text
based one, (that is it runs in an xterm or console, which is something
like a dos window on windows, only *much* more powerful.) but there are

Fedora comes with more included software than windows. But there are
even more available for download from some repositories like
dag.wieers.com. Once you configure yum to use a good combination
of repositories it can make installing and updating software almost
painless. Do look into it!

Good luck and have fun with it.

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