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SA Question

Hi folks,
Sorry to bother you with this (I have spent the past several days
attempting to join the SpamAssassin-users list but after confirming the
confirmation message (several times w/ different address') and e-mailing
the list-owner (once) I have yet to gain access, so I turn to you all).

I am looking to set Spam Assassin up for site-wide Spam tagging, but it
seems that the SA-Learn utility builds user specific Bayesian databases. 
Can anyone enlighten me on how I can use Auto-Learn and sa-learn to teach
my system sitewide?

Also I currently have one Linux Login which recieves mail for several
e-mail address' specifically one for each list that I am on,  is using the
practice of pointing sa-learn to these list e-mails a bad practice?  I
took it as an easy way to feed sa-learn HAM messages but now I am thinking
that it may just be negatively skewing messages sent to these address'
such as this one (fedoraAAATTTb-dub.org).

Please any insight you can offer me on these matters would be greatly


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