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2.6 kernel and blank screen

I was wondering if anyone else on this list was experiencing similar

With FC2T3 on my laptop (HP Pavilion ze5200) I had several issues with
the screen going blank (and the backlight turning off too) during boot. 
It seemed to happen at random places at different times.  The system
would be locked as far as I could tell and I had to power off.  I have
since tried passing "vga=773" or "vga=normal" to the kernel at boot time
and it seems to get me past the screen going blank.  (I also pass
"psmouse.proto=imps" so I can tap-click with my touchpad.)

However, when I exit X - no matter what runlevel I am running in, the
screen goes blank, backlight is powered off, and as far as I can tell
the laptop is locked up.  This applies to "Log Out", "Reboot", and
"Shutdown".  I have found no related entries in my logs.

Anyone else have issues like this?  I think it is a 2.6 issue more than
a FC2 issue.



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