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root cannot login tho sudo user can

I suspect that I tried to re-boot while something unlocked was
running but the upshot is that I can't login as root.  However,
I had previously established myself as a user in the sudoer list
with ALL access so I can login as that user (with rw privs).

I've checked Messages but with the exception of an irrelevant
printing module (char-major-188) that cannot be located during boot
I can find nothing to indicate where my problem lies. The boot.log
isn't helpful either.  The secure log wasn't any help either though
it did report that the "root" listed in sudoer is "unknown"

According to what I've read about pam, I believe I can remove
the password requirment for root from the console (to which I
have full access) but I'd rather fix root's login problem if

If there's a troubleshooting HOWTO I've missed or a site where
this kind of problem is discussed, I'd appreciate the 
information.  Since I've run out of my own guesses, I'd also
appreciate any advice listers have to offer.

I'm running FC1 (2188).

Karl L

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