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Fedora installation finally... but problem with up2date

Hi All,

I must apologise for sending the same mail twice, i didn't realise i was sending out the previous one in html format.
sorry to all.....

Thanks for the tons of advice that were given on my previous posting "Getting rid of M$".

It' really encouraging to know tt so many ppl r willing to offer a helping hand. After reading thru the mails, 

i finally pick up the courage to give it a go at Fedora Core 1....(considering the fact that i didn't have the patience to wait for Core 2 release =P ).

hmm... i must say tt the whole process was quite an experience, after much sweat, i managed to get my speedtouch USB modem to work under Fedora.

However, there are some problems which i face still....

1. I kept seeing alot of "usbdevfs_CONTROL failed...." messages in my kernel log. i wonder y....

2. I decided to update my up2date to the latest version. After doing that, i always get this error:

Whenever i go to preferences--->themes to change my themes, the system complains that some error has occur with up2date and then up2date gets

terminated. Then i was prompt to send a report on the error but i skipped that part. Anyone ever experiences this?

3. After installing ferdora, i could not run "make xconfig" and i couldn't find the kernel source file in the "/usr/src" directory.

Can someone pls give me some advice?



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