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Re: CD-ROM not playing music

You know... I tested yesterday and  sadly discovered I have the same
problem... all the system sounds work... but even with xmms, the CD plays,
but I hear nothing...


On Mon, 10 May 2004, Jamie Cadorette wrote:

> > I'm having this problem as well... yesterday I
> > discovered that the
> > checkbox "enable sound server" or something like
> > this was not clicked in
> > my Gnome... I didn't test it... but I think my
> > problem was that sound was
> > just not switched on in gnome
> >
> > norton
> This doesn't seem likely as the cause. I can use
> system sounds alright in Gnome. When I browse the web
> it plays sound from shockwave sites just fine. When I
> try to use gnome-cd, it doesn't even play the CD,
> nevermind give me sound. I run it command-line and it
> gives me errors about ioctl failures. Yet it can read
> data from the drive just fine. KDE doesn't have any
> trouble at all with the CD-ROM.
> - Jamie
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