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viewing cups printer queues from a remote machine

I have a weird problem: I have a print server running Fedora Core 1 and
serving a lot of printer queues using CUPS (also cups-lpd enabled and
Samba to serve those queues to windows machines too). Other machines can
print to the queues just fine, but tools like lpq, lpstat and the
gnome-print-manager only show the local queue now, so as soon as the
file is copied to the print server, they report an empty queue.
As a result, users think their print has failed and submit the same job
again. and of course the inability to see the queue also makes it
impossible to remove jobs.

When the print server was still running redhat 7 with LPRng it worked
just fine. What I have done so far is to convert the client
configuration to use CUPS in stead of LPD, but this makes no difference.
I noticed a lot of allow/deny settings in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf but they
seem to define access (which works already) and browsing (which I don't
care about). I cannot find where to allow or restrict viewing of the
printer queues. Any help would be appreciated.

David Jansen

PS: the FC1 install on the print server was a fresh install, and all the
print queues and configurations were recreated manually so it is not an
failed upgrade and there are no LPRng leftovers on the system...

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