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Re: root cannot login tho sudo user can

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 02:53, Karl L wrote:
> I suspect that I tried to re-boot while something unlocked was
> running but the upshot is that I can't login as root.  However,
> I had previously established myself as a user in the sudoer list
> with ALL access so I can login as that user (with rw privs).
> I've checked Messages but with the exception of an irrelevant
> printing module (char-major-188) that cannot be located during boot
> I can find nothing to indicate where my problem lies. The boot.log
> isn't helpful either.  The secure log wasn't any help either though
> it did report that the "root" listed in sudoer is "unknown"
> According to what I've read about pam, I believe I can remove
> the password requirment for root from the console (to which I
> have full access) but I'd rather fix root's login problem if
> possible.
> If there's a troubleshooting HOWTO I've missed or a site where
> this kind of problem is discussed, I'd appreciate the 
> information.  Since I've run out of my own guesses, I'd also
> appreciate any advice listers have to offer.
> I'm running FC1 (2188).
> Karl L


What error do you get?  Are you trying to log into X, a VT, telnet , or

If it's a passwd issue, try sudo su and change root's passwd. 

If you're trying to telnet make sure /etc/securetty is intact.


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