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Re: Why Would Fedora be Free ? Can it be Trusted?

Chalonec Roger wrote:

I am looking at using Fedora at my work and some people are asking the
following questions or have the following concerns that I did not know
how to answer:

1.  Why is fedora free and why would people work on it for free?
2.  Some people are concerned that since Fedora is open source that they
don't know where the software comes from so they can't trust it.  How
can they trust it?
3.  How are updates to Fedora vetted and accepted?
4.  Does Redhat have any involvement with Fedora?
5.  Does Redhat use the same processes in "controlling" fedora quality
and releases as it did the free versions of Redhat?
6. Ostensibly Redhat offered free versions of Redhat Linux because they
could make a profit on support.  Now Redhat has built a market and
Redhat is no longer free.  What is the profit motivation of the Fedora
group and persons/orgs who make software contributions to it?  (By the
way, there is nothing wrong with profit.)



I usually don't try to be a jerk on the list, and I hope this isn't taken as such.


says it all. read it.


Wade Chandler
Red-e Set Grow, LLC
Phone: 336-777-0075 x1705
Email: wchandler redesetgrow com

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