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Re: Nothing but problems upgrading to Fedora Core

Andre Costa wrote:
On Tue, 11 May 2004 19:06:16 -0400
John Nelson <developer computation com> wrote:

Hey all,

I have had nothing but problems installing Fedora Core, and the issues

seem to center around grub installing on top of an existing Lilo installation. On one system there were grub files missing from /boot/grub. On another system I got "try passing init= to the kernel".

On another system the grub.conf file refuses to boot up Windows XP on
a second disk. On yet another machine I'm getting compression errors
while booting the kernel. If I leave Lilo intact on my laptop, the
screen turns psychodelic when Lilo comes up.

Grub has never worked for me, even when I can get it patched up to
work properly. Is there a trick to installing over FC1 or RH systems?
This is REALLY frustrating!

Sorry to hear you have been having that many problems, John. All I can
say is that GRUB also let me down a few days ago (read 'GRUB Blues'
thread posted recently). In my case, I believe it might be BIOS fault,
but I could workaround it anyway (by manually configuring GRUB at every
boot... =/ ).

Hope GRUB installation (and GRUB itself) improves on FC2.



For whatever it's worth, I installed GRUB over LILO when it first appeared in a RedHat distro. (I don't even remember how long ago that was.) I had no problems with the upgrade then, and have had no problems with GRUB ever since. It has made it substantially easier to maintain / upgrade the kernel, and I love the ability to test a modified grub.conf by booting a floppy with GRUB installed. There's no accounting for taste. ;-{)>
Gordon Keehn

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