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Re: Intel ICH5 SATA Raid Support

Am Mi, den 12.05.2004 schrieb "Andrà FelÃcio" um 14:44:

> Hi,
> Will the final version for Fedora Core 2 include support for intel ICH5
> SATA Raid? 

Alan Cox Sun, May 09, 2004 on the test list: "ICH5 SATA should work"

> Currently I'm useing Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ and it comes  with a linux
> hardware raid driver software. But the problem with the hardware raid
> driver software is that it does not work for Fedora Core 1.

> Andre Felicio

As it is no real hardware RAID but BIOS supported software RAID
requiring specific drivers, why don't you just use Linux software RAID?


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