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Re: Nothing but problems upgrading to Fedora Core

John Nelson wrote:

Hey all,

I have had nothing but problems installing Fedora Core, and the issues seem to center around grub installing on top of an existing Lilo installation. On one system there were grub files missing from /boot/grub. On another system I got "try passing init= to the kernel". On another system the grub.conf file refuses to boot up Windows XP on a second disk. On yet another machine I'm getting compression errors while booting the kernel. If I leave Lilo intact on my laptop, the screen turns psychodelic when Lilo comes up.

Grub has never worked for me, even when I can get it patched up to work properly. Is there a trick to installing over FC1 or RH systems? This is REALLY frustrating!

-- John

I installed FC1 on a machine with XP and I had to make a file change within XP to get it to work. I don't remember the details but doing a search on Google should help. I don't run XP anymore.

Robin Laing

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