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Re: Fedora installation finally... but problem with up2date, pls help

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 02:32, mickey Ong wrote:
> Hi All,
> However, there are some problems which i face still....
> 1. I kept seeing alot of "usbdevfs_CONTROL failed...."
> messages in my kernel log. i wonder y....

Have been a number USB issues in bugzilla.  Create an account if you
haven't yet, search for your problem on 
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/ and/or post more details.

> 2. I decided to update my up2date to the latest version. After doing
> that, i always get this error:
> Whenever i go to preferences--->themes to change my themes, the
> system complains that some error has occur with up2date and then
> up2date gets
> terminated. Then i was prompt to send a report on the error but i
> skipped that part. Anyone ever experiences this?

Update sources to use mirrors as others suggested, (see
http://fedora.redhat.com/download/mirrors.html and pick one or more near
you to try), and also try out yum (also after updating /etc/yum.conf to
use mirrors).  Search the archive for some alternate repository
suggestions and sample sources files. (Hint: "yum upgrade")

> 3. After installing ferdora, i could not run "make xconfig"
> and i couldn't find the kernel source file in the
> "/usr/src" directory.
> Can someone pls give me some advice?

Think that was covered in another response, but also check out
http://acd.ucar.edu/~fredrick/linux/fedorakernel/ for general
instructions.  (Hint: "yum install kernel-source")

I use a script with some reminders:

[root radar0 linux-2.4]# cat ~/bin/make_linux
# Kernel build steps:
#   1. Install the sources
#   2. cd <install directory> (e.g. /usr/src/linux-2.4
#   3. make mrproper && make oldconfig
#   3a. (optional - copy .config file from configs directory or old kernel)
#   4. make xconfig (or menuconfig if not in X)
#   5. make dep
#   6. make
#   7. make bzImage
#   8. make modules
#   9. make modules_install
#  10. make install
#  11. configure LILO or GRUB. ("make install" will do this for you)
# This script implements steps 5-10

# Note: adjust "-j n" for performance on compilation - runs parallel jobs
# -j 4 is a good starting place for single processor

(make -j 6 dep && make -j 6 && make -j 6 bzImage && make -j 6 modules && \
 make modules_install && make install) >& /tmp/MakeKernel.log

# check log file for errors when done, repeat as required, or reboot to test


Good luck, and welcome to Fedora,

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