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Re: Auto shutdown

Adriano Holanda wrote:
Hi Robin;

The computer are accessible at off hours, but
only from 8:00 till 23:00.

Your cron sugestion could be an idea while
I can't implement the solution that I want.

I'm thinking in grid cause we have research groups
that could use idle cpu to perform simulations.

If you have sugestions (links) related to grid implementation,
please send to me.



Robin Laing wrote:

Adriano Holanda wrote:

I'm a administrator of a lab with 40 machines.

Sometimes, mainly at night, the students forget to
shutdown the computers after the classes.
So computers remain a long period (weekend) with the power
on, heating the room and themselves.



That is valid.

Are classes in session or are computers accessable at off hours?

If not, then run a cron job at times when the computer isn't/cannot be used that will just shutdown at that time.

I also see an issue with the monitors being on as well.

Another thing to think about is if it is at a University, then look at making these systems available for a grid during the off hours. We have computers around our organization that are configured to do this.

Here is one link that I have.


Another one is BOINC that is to replace SETI at home in the near future. I don't know if this will work in a closed environment or what.

Search for grid computing and see what you find.

Robin Laing

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