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Re: FC2-test3 & ATI driver

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 11:05, Dwaine Castle wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> I installed FC2-test3 last night -- the complete package.
> Motherboard: Supermicro P4STA
> CPU:  1.7GHz
> Memory: 768 MB
> Hard drive: WD 80GB
> CD:  HP9900i
> Monitor:  Sony CPD200SF
> Video card: ATI 8500 /64MB
> I had a lot of difficulty with disc2.  I downloaded copies from 3
> different sites and burned each copy to a CD.  Md5sums all
> checked out and the Fedora media check also passed each CD.
> However, the installation failed on disc2 every time complaining
> about a missing file.   I got around this problem by switching
> disc2 CDs until one finally worked.
> I installed all the available patches via up2date.
> Everything appears to be working with one exception.  My video
> card was miss-identified as an ATI8500LE and this allows me a
> maximum screen resolution of 800x600.  I've tried to change it,
> but it goes back to 8500LE.  I've downloaded the latest drivers
> from ATI, but they appeared to be designed only for XFree86 and
> it doesn't look like FC2 is using XFree86.  I remember reading
> something about Fedora no longer using XFree86 during the
> installation but I was more interested in my installation
> failures.  I doubt that I should install the ATI RPM.  This seems
> like a hardware configuration issue, but I know that the X server
> is related.
> I would like to get my graphics card installed correctly.  Can
> anyone explain what is going wrong?

You're on the wrong list.  These issues been discussed extensively on
test-list.  Search/post to fedora-test-list redhat com and check

Short/direct answer - ATI needs to fix their drivers.  Until then,
should be possible to get xorg support going without ATI-proprietary


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